Two improvised music performances at NOWnow Festival 2009

Late concert @ Akemi
Friday 16th January from 11:00pm : Lloyd Honeybrook & Robin Fox

Evening Concert @ Wentworth Falls School of Arts
Saturday 17th Jan 7:00pm : Clayton Thomas / Clare Cooper / Robin Fox : strings and computer manipulation


End of Daze

eodRobin Fox & Anthony Pateras


Antipodean maestros of realtime electroacoustics, Antony Pateras and Robin Fox follow-up their 2006 Editions Mego debut, Flux Compendium with an erratic album of gleeful computer noise and manipulated recordings. You may recall Pateras’ 2007 solo album Chasms on Sirr for its deft and discerning application of prepared piano and subtly morphed acoustic timbres, but this is a different prospect altogether, combining splattering, Hecker-like high-end synthesis (‘Whipped Silk’) with spacious dissections of concrete sound (as on the virtuosic, slapstick cut’n’paste of ‘You’re All Answers’). Sophisticated and avant-garde as the album tends to be, there’s no short supply of fun to be had; for all its pristine, technical execution, a track like ‘Apollonian Gasket’ exudes joy and kinetic energy, while ‘Lung Butter Blues’ adds an Henri Chopin-style vocal component, loaded with spluttered chaos and a punk-ish sense of confrontation. Brilliant.


European Tour 2008

Cabaret Derrida Tallinn, Kultuurikatel
Cabaret Derrida Tartu, Sadamateater

2/3 MAY
Performances with Clayton Thomas (Double Bass) at the New Noise Festival Leuvens.

10/11/12 MAY
Performances with Steve Heather, Anthea Caddy, Clayton Thomas, Clare Cooper and Anthony Pateras as part of the MOERS Festival Mornings.

14/18 MAY
Spending some time at the WORM Studios in Rotterdam finishing that elusive solo audio release

23 MAY
Laser performance at the Video-ex festival. Website still under construction.

13 MAY
Laser performance at the 4th International Arts Festival of Castilla Y Leon.