I had an AMAZING time presenting my new work DIASPORA made in collaboration with CHAMBER MADE and some incredible artists! Erkki Veltheim, Maddie Flynn, Georgie Darvidis, Tamara Saulwick, Nick Roux, Shio Otani, Amelia Lever-Davidson. Sold out season @ Melbourne Festival – 5 star reviews all round!!

“Robin Fox has crafted an exhilarating visually and sonically immersive sci-fi experience – a fathomlessly strange encounter with the future as essentially “other”, but also intimately of the moment. More people should get a chance to see it.”

The Age Newspaper

“Diaspora is a piece of art so futuristic it feels less like an adaptation of science fiction and more like the kind of art characters in science fiction might watch themselves…simultaneously exciting and unsettling, inspiring and mysterious, triumphant and melancholy, just like the concept of the future itself ”

Australian Stage